To preserve, protect & enhance the White River of Indiana

Cleanup volunteers

Cleanup volunteers

Canoes . . . just ’cause!

The Friends staged a very successful Adopt-A-River cleanup as part of its ongoing efforts to let people connect with the waterway and discover where they can access it.

We provided canoes and river guides for a couple of dozen student volunteers from the University of Indianapolis, who targeted trash between 106th Street, just above the county line, downstream to a pullout below the Castleton area. Hungry participants greatly appreciated a reward of complimentary pizza afterwards, while enjoying the view from a vantage point high above the waterway.

Take a few minutes to enjoy photos of the cleanup and the enthusiastic volunteers who enjoyed a morning of fun work investing in the banks of White River!

Then set aside some time soon to enjoy White River yourself. And please, consider a contribution that helps us to promote its possibilities year-round. It’s a Just Cause we want you to be a part of!

river cleanup volunteers

Weekend festival

Friends will again have a booth at the Rocky Ripple Festival, on Saturday, September 27. Join us there for family-friendly activities and opportunities to win special prizes.


Quiet partner in dam project?

“Without water there is no sustainabilty for our company and for our shareholders. This has to be our chief priority.” — Peter Brabeck, CEO, Nestle.

With all the manufactured hype about a need for “future water resources,” it seems fair to ask why the Anderson area’s largest user of water is quiet on the subject. In an article titled Is Nestle Behind Mounds Lake Project?, the and writer Todd Smekens take a look at the question. (Published September 15, 2014)


Arrr, maties!

Time for some paddling fun! The Hoosier Canoe & Kayak Club presents its biennial Pirate Paddle & Party on the White River October 11, 2014. Register today for this costumed event that begins at 116th Street and floats downstream to the White River Yacht Club.

kayak pirate

Mounds Dam

Friends of the White River oppose the proposed Mounds/Anderson Dam.

We consider the loss of a free flowing stream near our area to be a huge cost to pay for a reservoir with unknown/questionable water quality. Fishing and recreational opportunities will degrade. As the river exists now, there are fine canoeing and kayaking opportunities. Our White River is presently teeming with small mouth bass and other game fish, and many people enjoy fishing there.

Agricultural and residential run off make this a poor solution to store water for urban uses. Unknown and non-verifiable industrial dumps located in the area will further degrade water quality. Citizens Water has studied future needs for Indianapolis, and announced that present sources and strategies will stand in good stead for at least the next 25 years. Evaporative losses of a reservoir with such a large surface area also negatively impact feasibility.

We believe the dam will provide little flood control benefit to Indianapolis. Much of our natural flow presently comes from streams that are downstream of the proposed dam site.

Board of Directors, Friends of the White River, May 21, 2014